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8kW Off-Grid Solar System kit

Maxbo’s powerful 8kW off-grid system, equipped with a robust 30.24kWh lithium battery! Generating an impressive 31.68kWh of electricity daily during peak sunshine hours (4 hours), it ensures uninterrupted power supply in off-grid environments. What sets this system apart is its 8kW power capacity, making it versatile for various applications: from providing reliable energy for remote residential homes and outdoor camping sites to serving as emergency backup power for medical facilities, communication stations, and even supporting the energy needs of large-scale agricultural facilities. Choose Maxbo for reliable and flexible energy solutions that cater to different scenarios.


31.68kWh / day
950kWh / month
within 8kW (resistive load)
within 2.6kW (inductive load)
30.24kWh Lithium Battery
/ 30.24kWh Gel Battery
42 square meters
Electricity generation Drivable loads Storable power Installation area

Application Scenarios

Remote Mountain Cabin

Typical Appliance Usage:
In a mountain cabin, typical appliances include lighting fixtures, a refrigerator, a television, air conditioning (if available), a washing machine, and a microwave oven.
System Parameter Application:
Maxbo’s 8kW off-grid system (30.24kWh lithium battery) provides sufficient power reserves to support the usage of these appliances. With a maximum daily power production of 31.68kWh and 4 hours of peak sunshine time, it can meet the demands of appliances like refrigerators and televisions.
Frequency of Use:
High-power appliances like washing machines and microwave ovens may be used during the day or at night, while others like lighting fixtures and televisions may see more usage at night.


Typical Appliance Usage:
At a campsite, typical appliances include tent lighting, chargers (for charging smartphones, tablets, etc.), small speakers or sound systems, and electric lanterns.
System Parameter Application:
Maxbo’s 8kW off-grid system provides stable power support for campers. The 550W solar panels utilize natural light to provide continuous power, while the 30.24kWh lithium battery ensures sufficient backup power.
Frequency of Use:
These appliances are mainly used at night, with tent lighting and small speakers being used more frequently during camping nights, while chargers may be used during both day and night.

Emergency Backup Location

Typical Appliance Usage:
In an emergency backup location, appliances such as medical equipment (e.g., ventilators, monitors), communication devices (e.g., walkie-talkies, computers), lighting fixtures, and heating devices may be used.
System Parameter Application:
Maxbo’s 8kW off-grid system is equipped with ample power reserves to meet the continuous usage demands of medical and communication equipment. Additionally, the parameters of the MPPT controller and lithium battery ensure system stability and reliability.
Frequency of Use:
Medical and communication equipment may need to operate continuously throughout the day and night, while lighting fixtures and heating devices may vary depending on environmental conditions.

Large Agricultural Facility

Typical Appliance Usage:
In a large agricultural facility, appliances such as irrigation equipment, greenhouse lighting systems, agricultural machinery (e.g., tractors, harvesters), and agricultural processing equipment (e.g., refrigeration units) may be used.
System Parameter Application:
Maxbo’s 8kW off-grid system can provide reliable power support for large agricultural facilities, meeting the demands of irrigation equipment, greenhouse lighting systems, and other equipment. The parameters of the solar panels and MPPT controller ensure efficient energy utilization for sustainable agricultural production.
Frequency of Use:
Irrigation equipment may see higher usage frequencies in the morning and evening, while greenhouse lighting systems may be used at night to extend daylight hours.

Supporting configuration list

Description Qty
Solar Panel – 550W
Open-circuit Voltage (Voc):50.11V
Warranty :20years
Inverter – 8kW
Output Power:8kW
110V/120V/220V/230V/240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Battery voltage: 96VDC
Waveform: Sine wave
Start motor:5hp
Size(L*W*Hmm):656*420*937,N.w:66kg, G.W:77kg
Warranty:3 years
Working voltage rang:120-240v
MPPT route number:2
Warranty:3 years
Li Battery
96V 315AH
Cycle life: 5000-6000 times
Weight: 310kg
Warranty: 5years
Conbiner Box
4input, 2output
Rooftop mounting system
Enough bracket for 16pcs panels
Cable & Connecter
2roll (100m/roll, 4mm²)
200m red&200m black
MC4 plug *16pcs


Circuit connection diagram

operating mode


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