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300kW Off-Grid Solar System kit

The 300kW large-scale off grid photovoltaic system stands out as a pioneer in energy independence due to its unique off grid capability. This system is tailored for large-scale industrial, commercial, and community applications, freeing operations from traditional power grids. Its off grid characteristics ensure recovery capability during power outages, promote energy autonomy, and reduce reliance on centralized infrastructure. It has the ability to provide power for large industrial complexes, large agricultural enterprises, and remote communities, and is a model of sustainable and self-sufficient energy solutions. This system has the advantage of being off grid, reshaping the energy mode, and providing unparalleled reliability and cost-effective independent power supply for various applications.


992kWh / day
29760kWh / month
within 110.25kW (resistive load)
within 36.75kW (inductive load)
700kWh Lithium Battery
(high voltage)
1468 square meters
Electricity generation Drivable loads Storable power Installation area

Application Scenarios

Remote Industrial Operations Off-Grid Agricultural Ventures Community Microgrids Emergency Backup in Remote Regions
Ideal for powering critical machinery and operations in remote industrial facilities where access to traditional power grids is limited. Well-suited for off-grid farms and agricultural operations, supporting irrigation and machinery without dependence on external power sources. Serves as a cornerstone for community microgrids, providing uninterrupted power to decentralized communities independent of centralized grids. Offers a reliable and independent power source during emergencies and natural disasters in regions lacking stable grid infrastructure, ensuring continuity in critical situations.

Supporting configuration list

Picture Description Qty
Solar Panel – 575W
Open-circuit Voltage (Voc): 50.88V
Weight: 28kg
12 years product warranty
30 years linear power warranty
Inverter -125kVA/100kW
Output Power: 100kW
Peak Power: 125kVA
480V; 50/60Hz; 3 phase
Battery voltage: 384VDC
Waveform: Sine wave
Start motor: 50HP
Certificate: CE
Warranty: 3 years
MPPT Controller
Max PV input voltage: 800V
Working voltage range: 400-640v
PV Max Power: 44800W
No of tracker: 2
Warranty:3 years
Lithium Battery
With Danger boxes, communication lines,BMS
384V 300Ah
Cycle life: 5000-6000 times
7-layer battery rack*2
Weight: 1428kg
Warranty: 6 years
PV Combiner Box
6 input, 2output
  Aluminum alloy Bracket
Rooftop/Ground Mounting system
Enough bracket for 540pcs panels
Warranty: 20years
(free design display)
Cable & Connecter
30roll (100m/roll, 4mm²)
1500m red&1 500m black
MC4 plug * 270pcs
Panels Wooden Package
Custom made


Circuit connection diagram


Photovoltaic panel placement diagram



operating mode


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