5kW Hybrid Solar System kit

Discover Maxbo New Energy’s game-changing 5kW Hybrid System with a robust 10.24kWh Li Battery! Experience unrivaled efficiency and sustainability with maximum daily electricity generation of 19kWh, utilizing just 4 hours of peak sunshine. Embrace the future of renewable energy solutions with our cutting-edge technology. Energize your life with Maxbo New Energy today!


19kWh / day
570kWh / month
within 5kW (resistive load)
within 1.6kW (inductive load)
10.24kWh Lithium Battery
/ 10.24kWh Gel Battery
26 square metres
Electricity generation Drivable loads Storable power Installation area

Application Scenarios

Residential Use Commercial Use Agricultural Use Emergency Backup Power
This system can power homes, driving various household appliances such as lighting, television, refrigerators, and air conditioners, providing continuous and reliable power support for a comfortable living environment. In commercial settings, the system can provide power for office equipment, computers, printers, lighting, and air conditioning units, helping businesses reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency. Rural areas can utilize the system to power agricultural facilities such as irrigation systems, greenhouse lighting, and ventilation equipment, helping farmers increase crop yields and quality. In times of disaster or grid failure, the system can serve as an emergency backup power source, providing continuous power to critical facilities such as hospitals, communication base stations, and emergency service centers, ensuring societal functioning and personnel safety.

Supporting configuration list

Solar Panel – 655W
Open circuit voltage: 45.2V
Size: 2384x1303x35mm, 33.9kg
12 years product warranty
30 years linear power warranty
Hybrid Inverter – 5kW SUN-5K-SG03LP1-EU
Rated Output Power: 5kw
Battery Voltage Range: 40-60V
Max. DC Input Power: 6.5kw
MPPT Voltage Range: 150-435v
No.of MPP Trackers: 2/1+1
50/60Hz; L/N/PE 220/380, 220/230Vac, Single Phase
Weight: 20.5kg
Size (mm): 330W x 580H x232D
Warranty: 5 years
Certifications: CE,VDE,IEC,CEI
Lifepo4 battery
51.2v, 200ah 10.24kwh
Circle life: over 5000 times Weight: 91kg
Size: 465×682×246mm warranty: 6 years
Aluminum Bracket
Rooftop /Ground Mounting system Aluminum alloy bracket Enough brackets for 8pcs panels
Cable & Connector
1 roll, 4mm2 MC4 plug * 5

Panels Wooden Package Custom made


In summary, Maxbo’s 5kW Hybrid System with a 10.24kWh Li Battery offers unparalleled performance, reliability, and efficiency, making it an ideal solution for residential, commercial, agricultural, and emergency backup applications. Experience the future of renewable energy with Maxbo New Energy.

Circuit connection diagram

Photovoltaic panel placement diagram


operating mode


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