15kW Hybrid Solar System kit

The 15kW hybrid solar system is designed to generate an impressive 54kWh of energy per day, equating to 1620kWh per month. This system can handling up to 12kW for resistive loads and 4kW for inductive loads. To enhance its energy storage capabilities, the system incorporates a 15kWh battery. With a compact footprint of 71 square meters, this system is suitable for residential installations where space may be a consideration. The integration of advanced components ensures optimal energy production, making this 15kW hybrid solar system an efficient and reliable choice for households seeking sustainable and independent power solutions.


54kWh / day
1620kWh / month
within 12kW (resistive load)
within 4kW (inductive load)
15kWh Lithium Battery
/ 15kWh Gel Battery
71 square metres
Electricity generation Driveable loads Storable power Installation area
* We consider a yield of 0.9 panels in 4 hours
24 pcs X 625W/pcs X 0.9 X 4 hours = 54kWh
54kWh X 30days = 1629kWh/month
Inverter with a power of 12 kW
Inductive loads require more power to start (triple)
Used for night time electricity. Can be filled in 0.36 day without using other loads Approximately equal to the total area of the PV panels

Application Scenarios

Residential Appliances & Air Conditioning and Heating Powering essential home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and lighting.
Running HVAC systems for climate control within the home or commercial space.
Electronics and Entertainment & Lighting Systems Powering televisions, computers, and other electronic devices.
Illuminating both indoor and outdoor spaces, including security lighting.
Water Pumping Systems Supporting water pumps for domestic use or agricultural irrigation.
Small to Medium-sized Businesses & Commercial Equipment Providing power for lighting, computers, and machinery in commercial establishments.
Running various types of machinery and equipment in a small to medium-sized business setting.

Supporting configuration list

Picture Description Qty
Solar Panel – 625W
Rated Power: 625w
Open circut voltage: 55.70V
Size: 2465×1134×35mm
Weight: 30.6kg
12 year material warranty
30 years linear power warranty
Hybrid Inverter – 12kW
Output Power: 12kW
Max DC Input Power: 15.6kW
Battery voltage: 40-60V
MPPT Voltage Range (V):200-650V
Grid Type:Three phase
Number of MPPT / Strings per MPPT:2/2+1
Weight: 33.6kg
5 years warranty
LiFePo4 Battery – 5kWh
48V 100AH
Cycle life: over 5000-6000 times
Size: 410×630×156mm
Net weight: 51KG
6 years warranty
Rooftop/Ground Mounting system
Enough bracket for 24pcs panels
(free design display)
  Cable & Connector
Cables: 300m, 4mm²
MC4 plug * 20pcs
  Panels Wooden Package
Custom made

Circuit connection diagram

Photovoltaic panel placement diagram



operating mode



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