After-sales service

Customized System Connection Diagrams:

  • We design the most optimal system connection scheme based on your specific requirements.
  • Customization includes detailed and professional services for efficient connectivity.

Customized Roof Layout Diagrams:

  • We provide personalized roof layout diagrams for aesthetically pleasing and efficient placement of the photovoltaic system on your roof.

Comprehensive Technical Guidance:

  • Our service stands out with comprehensive technical guidance.
  • We offer support through various means, including documentation, phone calls, and video assistance during actual operations.
  • This ensures timely and accurate assistance throughout installation, debugging, and maintenance processes.

Tailored Warranty Periods:

  • Different warranty periods are established for various products, transparently marked on your quotation.
  • Tailored warranty periods recognize the unique characteristics of each photovoltaic system component.

Comprehensive Warranty Terms:

  • During the warranty period, we provide comprehensive warranty terms to instill confidence in using each product.
  • We encourage ongoing communication to maintain the stable operation of the system.

Swift and Professional Resolutions:

  • Recognizing the importance of the warranty period, we commit to providing full support.
  • Swift and professional resolutions are promised for any potential issues that may arise, ensuring a collaborative effort to address concerns promptly.
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