30kW Hybrid Solar System kit

This 30kW Hybrid Solar System is designed to generate 118kWh per day, totaling 3540kWh per month, using 72 solar panels with a capacity of 410W each. This system accommodates up to 30kW for resistive loads and 10kW for inductive loads, with a 30kWh lithium battery, ensuring energy availability during nighttime hours, and can be fully charged in 0.4 days without utilizing other loads.
The system covers an installation area of approximately 145 square meters, providing sustainable electricity generation. This comprehensive hybrid solar system is an efficient solution, offering both reliable power generation and storage capabilities within a moderate installation area.


118kWh / day
3540kWh / month
within 30kW (resistive load)
within 10kW (inductive load)
30kWh Lithium Battery
/ 30kWh Gel Battery
145 square metres
Electricity generation Drivable loads Storable power Installation area
* We consider a yield of 1 panel in 4 hours
72 pcs X 410W/pcs X 1 X 4 hours = 118kWh
118kWh X 30days = 3540kWh/month
Inverter with a power of 30 kW
Inductive loads require more power to start (triple)
Used for nighttime electricity. Can be filled in 0.4 days without using other loads Approximately equal to the total area of the PV panels

Application Scenarios

Residential Power Needs &
Small to Medium-Sized Businesses
This system is capable of meeting the energy demands of a typical household or small to medium-sized commercial establishments, including running appliances, lighting, HVAC systems, and electronic devices.
Agricultural Operations & Industrial Equipment & Powering water pumps for irrigation, agricultural machinery, and other farming operations. Running specific types of industrial machinery and equipment, depending on the energy demands of the facility
Educational Institutions & Healthcare Facilities Meeting the energy needs of schools and universities, powering classrooms, offices, and other facilities. Supporting energy requirements in medical facilities, including lighting, medical equipment, and climate control.
Community Projects & Commercial Real Estate .Providing power for community centers, clinics, or other shared spaces.
Powering lighting, elevators, security systems, and other electrical needs in commercial buildings.

Supporting configuration list

Solar Panel – 410W
Open-circuit Voltage (Voc):38.97V
Warranty:25 years
Solar Inverter – 30kW
Max. DC Input Power : 39000W
MPPT Range : 150-850V
50/60Hz; 3L/N/PE 220/380
Number of MPPT / Strings per MPPT:3/2+2+2
Battery voltage: 160-800V
Warranty: 5 years( 10 Years Optional)
High voltage lithium battery
360V 100Ah
Cycle life: 5000-6000 times+, 80%DOD
5-layer battery rack
Weight: 510KG
Warranty: 5years
Aluminum alloy Bracket
Rooftop/Ground Mouting system
Enough bracket for 72pcs panels
(free design with drawing)
  PV Cable & Connecter
3roll (100m/roll, 4mm²)
MC4 plug * 40pcs(for free)

Circuit connection diagram

Photovoltaic panel placement diagram



operating mode


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