10kW Hybrid Solar System kit

Exciting news! Our 10kW Hybrid Solar System blends solar and traditional electricity, ensuring a sustainable, cost-effective energy solution for your home. With solar panels, an advanced inverter, and battery storage, this system optimizes energy use day and night.
Benefits include substantial cost savings, reduced grid dependence, and a smaller carbon footprint. This system offers a reliable, resilient, and environmentally friendly energy source for your household.
Take a step towards a greener future – contact us to learn more!


78.72kWh / day
2361.6kWh / month
within 20kW (resistive load)
within 6.7kW (inductive load)
20kWh Lithium Battery
/ 20kWh Gel Battery
97 square metres
Electricity generation Driveable loads Storable power Installation area
* We consider a yield of 1 panels in 4 hours
72 pcs X 550W/pcs X 1 X 4 hours = 78.72kWh
78.72kWh X 30days = 2361.6kWh/month
Inverter with a power of 20 kW
Inductive loads require more power to start (triple)
Used for night time electricity. Can be filled in 0.4 day without using other loads Approximately equal to the total area of the PV panels

Examples of available loads

Remote Residential Dwellings The 10kW off-grid PV system is ideal for providing power to remote homes or cabins not connected to the main electricity grid. It ensures a sustainable and self-sufficient energy source, allowing residents in remote areas to enjoy electricity for lighting, appliances, and other essential needs.
Telecommunications Towers Off-grid PV systems are commonly used to power telecommunication towers located in remote or off-grid locations. These systems help ensure constant and reliable communication by providing a continuous power supply to essential equipment, including transmitters and receivers.
Agricultural Operations Farms and agricultural facilities can benefit from off-grid solar systems to power irrigation pumps, machinery, and other electrical equipment. This application not only reduces energy costs but also promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices.
Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief Off-grid PV systems play a critical role in emergency preparedness and disaster relief efforts. These systems can be deployed to provide immediate power to essential services, emergency shelters, and medical facilities in areas affected by natural disasters or emergencies, ensuring a swift response and aid delivery.

Supporting configuration list

Picture Description Qty
Solar Panel – 550W
Size: 2278x1135x35mm
Open-circuit Voltage (Voc): 49.62V
Weight: 28kg
12 years product warranty
25 years linear power warranty
Hybrid Inverter – 10kW
Output Power: 10kW
Battery voltage: 40-60V
MPPT Voltage Range (V): 200-650V
Grid Type: Three phase, 220/380V, 50/60Hz
Number of MPPT / Strings per MPPT: 2/2+1 Size: 422×702×281mm
Weight: 33.6kg
6 years warranty
Lithium Battery
51.2V 200Ah
Cycle life: 5000-6000 times at DOD 80%
Size: 465×682×246mm
Weight: 91KG
6 years warranty
Rooftop / Ground Mounting system
Enough bracket for 18pcs panels
(free design display)
2roll 100m/roll, 4mm²
Certificate: TUV, CE, IEC
MC4 plug
Rated current: 30A
Rated voltage: 1000VDC
Panels Wooden Package
Custom made

Circuit connection diagram

Photovoltaic panel placement diagram



operating mode



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