8kW Hybrid Solar System kit

Maxbo’s 8kW Hybrid System with 10.24kWh Li Battery revolutionizes power solutions across various scenarios. From remote cabins to agricultural operations, this versatile system excels. With its robust 8kW capacity, it effortlessly powers essential appliances like refrigerators and lighting. Users can seamlessly switch between grid and solar power, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply. Its innovation lies in optimizing solar energy utilization, reducing reliance on conventional grids. With a backup storage of 10.24kWh, it ensures reliable power during emergencies. Additionally, user concerns regarding integration, durability, and maintenance are addressed, providing a seamless user experience.


29.52kWh / day
885.6kWh / month
within 6kW (resistive load)
within 2kW (inductive load)
10.24kWh Lithium Battery
/ 10.24kWh Gel Battery
40 square meters
Electricity generation Drivable loads Storable power Installation area

Application Scenarios

Here are four scenarios where the advantages of this hybrid system are most evident:
Farms typically require ample power for irrigation systems, greenhouse lighting, and agricultural machinery. Maxbo’s 8kW hybrid system, with its 6kW output power and 9kW maximum solar power, is capable of meeting farm demands. Additionally, the included 10.24kWh lithium battery provides stable backup energy, ensuring a reliable power supply during adverse weather conditions or emergencies.
Campsites rely on reliable energy sources to power tent lighting, charging devices, and outdoor equipment. With an 8kW output power, Maxbo’s hybrid system meets basic electricity needs at campsites. Furthermore, the combination of solar panels and backup batteries ensures a continuous energy supply, allowing campers to enjoy outdoor activities without interruption.
Rural Small Businesses
Rural small businesses often face issues with unstable power supply and require reliable backup power sources. Maxbo’s 8kW hybrid system provides a dependable electricity supply to meet the daily needs of small businesses. The 10.24kWh lithium battery ensures stable backup energy, preventing work stoppages during emergencies.
Emergency Backup Facilities
Emergency backup facilities, such as medical institutions or emergency response stations, require reliable backup power to maintain equipment operation. Maxbo’s 8kW hybrid system, with its 8kW output power and large-capacity backup battery, meets the demands of such facilities. Moreover, the system’s multiple MPPT trackers and charging control functions enhance stability and reliability, ensuring continuous power supply during emergencies.

Supporting configuration list

Description Qty
Solar Panel – 410W
Open-circuit voltage: 41.9V
1754*1096*30 mm, 22kg
12 years product warranty
25 years linear power warranty
SPH 6000TL3 BH UP Inverter – 6kW
Output Power: 6kW
Max PV Power: 9kW
Output Voltage: 230/400VAC, 3W/N/PE
Battery voltage: 100-550V
MPPT Voltage Range: 120-1000V
No. of MPPT trackers: 2/1 505*453*198mm, 30kg
MPPT control function
warranty: 5 years
ARK 10.2H Battery
204.8V 10.24kwh
Weight: 118KG
10 years warranty
Rooftop Mouting system
Enough bracket for 20pcs pannels
Cable & Connecter
2roll (100m/roll, 4mm2)
MC4 plug * 10pcs


Circuit connection diagram

operating mode


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