125kW On Grid Solar System Kit

Maxbo New Energy proudly introduces its cutting-edge 125 kW grid-tied solar system, bringing forth a more sustainable energy solution for commercial and industrial sectors. Renowned for its exceptional efficiency and reliability, this system seamlessly integrates solar power into your operations, significantly reducing energy costs and enhancing sustainability credentials. Maxbo New Energy ensures optimal system performance through advanced technology, coupled with industry-leading support and warranties. Choose Maxbo and embark with us towards a greener and more sustainable future.


500kWh / day
15MWh / month
within 500kW (resistive load)
within 167kW  (inductive load)
740 square meters
Electricity generation Drivable loads Installation area

Application Scenarios

Applications and Usage:

  1. Commercial Buildings:
    This system is ideal for powering large commercial buildings such as offices, warehouses, and retail spaces.
    It can offset a significant portion of the electricity demand during daylight hours, reducing reliance on the grid and lowering operational costs.
  2. Industrial Facilities:
    Industrial plants and manufacturing facilities can benefit from the 125kW on-grid system by utilizing solar power to meet their energy needs.
    It can power heavy machinery, lighting, and other equipment, contributing to cost savings and sustainability goals.
  3. Agricultural Operations:
    Farms and agricultural operations can employ this system to power irrigation systems, barns, and processing facilities.
    Solar energy can help reduce the operational costs of running agricultural machinery and improve overall efficiency.
  4. Community Centers:
    Community centers, schools, and municipal buildings can utilize the 125kW on-grid system to meet their energy demands.
    It provides a sustainable energy solution for public facilities, reducing utility expenses and environmental impact.

Price Range: $3500 – $4300 USD

Key Differences:

  1. Compared to Off-Grid and Hybrid Systems:
    Unlike off-grid systems that require battery storage for energy storage and hybrid systems that combine solar with other energy sources, the 125kW on-grid system is directly connected to the utility grid.
    This means that excess energy generated during sunny periods can be fed back into the grid for credits, ensuring a more cost-effective and reliable solution.
  2. Compared to Other Power Ratings:
    The 125kW on-grid system offers a balance between affordability and scalability. It is suitable for medium to large-scale applications, providing ample power without being excessively large or expensive.
    Compared to smaller systems, it can meet the higher energy demands of commercial and industrial establishments more effectively.


As renewable energy adoption continues to grow globally, the demand for on-grid solar systems like the 125kW variant is expected to rise.
Advances in technology and declining costs make solar energy increasingly competitive with traditional energy sources.

Additionally, government incentives and regulations promoting clean energy further drive the adoption of on-grid solar systems in various sectors.
With ongoing developments in energy storage and grid integration, on-grid systems are poised to play a crucial role in the transition towards a sustainable energy future.


Supporting configuration list

Description Qty
Jinko Solar Panel – 550W
Open-circuit Voltage (Voc):50.11V
Warranty :20years
Growatt On Grid Solar Inverter
Max. recommended PV power
(for module STC):187500W
MPP voltage range:180-1000V
Nominal AC voltage(range*):
No. of MPP trackers/No. of PV strings
per MPP tracker:10/2
Rooftop/Ground Mouting system
Enough bracket for 272 pcs panels
Warranty:20 years
Cable & Connector
2000m, 12roll (100m/roll, 4mm2
MC4 plug * 180pcs
Panels Wooden Package
Custom made


Circuit connection diagram




operating mode


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