Empowering Off-Grid Living with Maxbo New Energy’s 40kW Split Phase System

Introduction: Imagine a remote countryside retreat or a cabin nestled deep in the woods, far from the bustling grid. In such serene settings, traditional power sources may be out of reach, but with Maxbo New Energy’s innovative 40kW Off-Grid Split Phase System, abundant energy is always at your fingertips. This comprehensive package, meticulously designed for reliability and efficiency, brings the convenience of modern power to even the most secluded locations.

Product Overview:
Maxbo New Energy’s Off-Grid Split Phase System boasts a robust lineup of components tailored for off-grid living:

  1. Mono Solar Panel:
    With 550W of power each, totaling 72.6kW, these panels harness sunlight efficiently. Their durable build, backed by a 12-year product warranty, ensures decades of reliable performance even in harsh conditions.
  2. Off-Grid Inverter:
    The 40kW Split Phase Inverter efficiently converts DC power from the solar panels into usable AC power. Its split-phase output allows for versatile usage, supporting various appliances and machinery essential for off-grid living. With a sleek design and a 3-year warranty, it’s a cornerstone of reliable power generation.
  3. MPPT Controller:
    Two Wonder1 MPPT Controllers optimize power output from the solar panels, maximizing energy harvest even in low-light conditions. Their robust construction and 3-year warranty provide peace of mind, ensuring uninterrupted power flow to the batteries.
  4. Gel Battery Bank:
    Comprising 64 12V 200Ah Gel Batteries, this bank stores excess energy for nighttime or cloudy days. The batteries, with their ample capacity and 3-year warranty, form a dependable energy reservoir, ensuring a steady power supply whenever needed.
  5. Battery Combiner Distributor Box:
    This essential component streamlines battery connections, ensuring efficient distribution of power throughout the system.
  6. PV Combiner Box:
    With two PV combiner boxes, each accommodating six inputs, the system ensures safe and efficient aggregation of solar panel outputs, optimizing system performance.
  7. Mounting System and Cables:
    The included rooftop mounting system and cables simplify installation, providing a secure and tidy setup for the solar panels.

Scenarios and Installation Tips:

Maxbo New Energy’s Off-Grid Split Phase System is ideal for a variety of scenarios, including:

  • Remote Cabins or Cottages: Enjoy off-grid living without sacrificing modern comforts.
  • Agricultural or Ranch Operations: Power remote outbuildings, water pumps, and electric fences.
  • Eco-Retreats or Wilderness Lodges: Provide sustainable power for hospitality and recreational facilities.

Installation Tips:

  • Prioritize solar panel placement for maximum sunlight exposure, considering factors like shading and orientation.
  • Ensure proper grounding and insulation to protect the system from lightning strikes and electrical faults.
  • Regularly monitor battery levels and performance to optimize system efficiency and longevity.

Customer Interaction and Testimonials:

Here’s what our customers have to say about Maxbo New Energy’s Off-Grid Split Phase System:

“Living off-grid has never been easier since we installed Maxbo’s system. Reliable power, easy maintenance, and excellent customer support make it a game-changer for remote living.” – John, Cabin Owner

“I was skeptical at first, but Maxbo’s system exceeded my expectations. It’s reliable, efficient, and the installation was a breeze. Highly recommended for anyone looking to live off-grid.” – Sarah, Eco-Retreat Owner

Incorporating Circuit Diagram and Customer Feedback: We’ve included a circuit diagram illustrating the system’s configuration below. Additionally, real-world customer feedback is integrated throughout the text to provide insight into the system’s performance and reliability.


Maxbo New Energy’s 40kW Off-Grid Split Phase System offers a comprehensive solution for off-grid power needs. With top-tier components, seamless integration, and exceptional customer support, it’s the perfect choice for those seeking independence from the grid without compromising on comfort or convenience. Experience the freedom of off-grid living with Maxbo New Energy today.

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